Online Support and Tools for Quitting

Every woman has her own reasons for smoking. Every woman can find her own way of quitting and staying smoke-free— in her own time.

Click on the links below for web-based readings, communities, and tools designed to support women and girls who smoke during pregnancy and new mothers.

STARSS (Start Thinking About Reducing Secondhand Smoke)

A site for pregnant women and mothers who smoke, particularly women who don’t want to, or aren’t ready to quit smoking. Learn about ways to protect your children from secondhand smoke and connect with other moms through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Available resources include:

  • A guide to STARSS strategies for providers
  • A journal for women to record and support their smoking reduction or cessation goals
  • Reports and posters describing the STARSS program.
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Couples and Smoking: What You Need To Know When You Are Pregnant  

A self-help booklet for pregnant women who smoke. The booklet looks at how your routines, habits, and ways of interacting in relationships influence smoking.

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This website has:

  • Information for women on how to talk to a doctor
  • Common questions and answers
  • An online discussion board for mothers and mothers-to-be.
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QuitNow Services

This website is designed for smokers in general. It includes:

  • FREE web-based support 24/7
  • FREE confidential telephone hotline
  • An online community offering tips and strategies on quitting.
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Women Smoke Free

  • A website designed with women in mind.
  • An online step-by-step quit guide
  • Information on topics like pregnancy, depression, weight gain, relationships, and smoking
  • Quizzes, a Cravings journal, and other tools to help you quit
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  • Every Woman has her own reasons for smoking.
  • Every woman can find her own way of quitting and staying smoke-free-in her own time.